Your order will be processed within 3 business days. 
You will receive an email of dispatch notification once the order has been processed. 
To provide the best quality of products at the cheapest price. We use the cargo ship to do the first stage delivery. The tracking number will be given by the delivery company, once the ship arrives at the warehouse which is close to you and they will take care of your parcel from there. 

Normally the cargo ship takes around 4-6 weeks from our warehouse to the warehouse in your country. Please note that the tracking number will be given only after the cargo ship arrives. Otherwise, it will be super expensive for air packages, this is the best solution we can provide under the current price with free shipping. 

All the parcels will be covered by insurance, No matter what happens to your shipments while in transit or upon delivery, know that you’re covered for package damage, loss, and theft on eligible orders. Save time and money on the replacement. In case a shipment needs to be replaced, you can recoup the value of the original merchandise damaged/lost/stolen. File your claims directly from our customer service admin (which only takes a few minutes) to speed up the process. 

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]